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The Skintight Wand is a multi-use wand that will provide your skin with the best treatment and long term results for healthier looking skin.  Mixing EMS, Far Infrared Therapy and Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation technology, SKINTIGHT will give you the tight, smooth and soft skin that you're looking for.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation (SONIC)

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce localized fat by applying safe levels of ultrasound energy via a hand held probe to a targeted area of subcutaneous fat. With Ultrasound Cavitation treatment, tiny micro-bubbles are created in the fat cells, which weaken the fat to liquify, releasing their contents to be reused or eliminated by the body, which are subsequently disposed of through the lymphatic and liver, leaving the healthy cells intact. It is also effective in reducing cellulite, a condition which affects most women over 20, regardless of body type. When applied in conjunction with infrared therapy, the heating and cavitation effects can also stimulate collagen realignment and as a result will tighten the skin and reduce dimpling. The ultrasonic waves also encourage blood flow and improve blood circulation within the body which helps clear out toxins. This technology is very effective and a real technological breakthrough for getting rid of cellulite & burning stubborn fat! This non-invasive alternative can help you to eliminate local fat deposits without carrying ANY RISKS! No discomfort is caused, no needles, no repercussions. Everything happens via natural processes.

Far Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light penetrates to the inner layers of the skin at about 2 to 7 centimeters deep. Hence, it reaches the muscles, nerves and even the bones but your skin layers are the first point of contact. Infrared light is absorbed by the photoreceptors in cells. Once absorbed, the light energy kickstarts a series of metabolic events, triggering several natural processes of the body on a cellular level. The increase in the blood flow to the different parts of the body makes it possible for oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells, enabling them to function properly and effectively. Hence, this therapy stimulates the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, reducing pain and inflammation.

Red light therapy feels so rejuvenating because it stimulates the production of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, strengthens your hair, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything together. Collagen is the most abundant protein our bodies produce, and it’s critical for bone, joint, skin, and hair health. Collagen is hard, fibrous, and extremely strong. It literally holds us together, and the more you can produce naturally, the better.

So when our bodies take in the healthy natural wavelengths of red and infrared light, the mitochondria in our cells can produce energy more efficiently. That increased energy allows your fibroblast cells to create more natural collagen.

This natural boost in collagen production from wavelengths of red and near infrared light has been proven and the benefits of higher levels of naturally produced collagen can be seen in skin, bones, and hair. Infrared Light Therapy has an impressively long list of benefits and should be part of your everyday skin care routine.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. It is designed to provide relief by stimulating the muscles themselves. Electric Muscle Stimulation is used in therapy to treat swelling and inflammation that can put a strain on both the muscles themselves and their supporting joints. The electrode pads are placed on the skin over the muscle that you want to exercise. An electrical charge is sent into the muscle charging the muscle’s fibers and causing a muscle contraction. This is the same action muscles experience during exercise and motion. So, it is essentially exercising your muscles as if you were sending the signal for the muscle to contract yourself. Electric Muscle Stimulation is used in therapy to treat swelling and inflammation that can put a strain on both the muscles themselves and their supporting joints. By reducing inflammation, these units help to restore function and prevent joints from becoming dislocated by strained muscles. It is used to encourage greater healing by stimulating blood flow and improving range of motion. The Skintight Wand provides 5 different modes of EMS therapy and 5 different levels of intensity. This is to ensure that our device can treat your specific needs and give you the results that you want! In addition to the ‘slimming’ function which is most commonly used for toning your muscles, our most popular function is the MASSAGE function! We have incorporated this function in our device so you can have your own personal massager to use anywhere you like! Just like a traditional massage, our device will contract your muscles and stimulate your cells to give you relief.