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EMS function is designed to stimulate your body, target fat cells, tighten your skin, repair damaged skin such as scars, stretch marks and cellulite, massage you, assist your muscles in recovery, help you relax & plenty more.

There are 5 different massage modes and 5 different intensity levels, you can use this function for up to 30 minutes per day.

Each Skintight Wand comes with 2 pairs of pads as well as the cord attachments.

If you will use this function frequently, we recommend the purchase of additional attachments. The pads may be less sticky over time if used often and not cleaned and stored correctly. The additional attachments will come with 2 pairs of pads and 1 set of cords and be located inside the box of your skintight wand should you purchase them at the same time. Attachments will be sent separately if purchased separately.

We also recommend the purchase of additional attachments if a friend or loved one would like to use the EMS function on your skintight wand. For hygiene reasons, it would be best for them to have their own set of attachments to use on their skin.